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      Industry News

      Huawei sign construction and built 40,000 km submersible can be around the Earth a week

      The Third Asia-Pacific Submarine Cable Summit "was held in Hangzhou, where Huawei COO Mao Shengjiang said that submarine cable should be regarded as an important asset and that three major changes are taking place in the submarine cable industry. Huawei, as a customer-focused and active partner, creates for its customers value.

      "In the past 10 years, Huawei Marine has been continuously innovating and has deployed submarine cables in cooperation with many countries and companies. As of now, Huawei has contracted to build and build 40,000 km of submarine cables, which can be around the globe for a week. Huawei and Huawei Ocean can provide support to their partners. Mao Shengjiang disclosed at the meeting.

      According to the press correspondent from All Media in the Communication World, the "Asia-Pacific Submarine Cable Summit" has been held in Beijing and Singapore for two years in the past two years. The meeting attracted representatives from China, Cambodia, Thailand and other government agencies, China Unicom, China Telecom and other operators, China Construction Bank, France's Foreign Trade Bank and other representatives.

      Guests participating in the conference will discuss the development of the submarine cable industry, overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities so that the submarine cable will become an important asset in the digital strategy and promote economic development.

      Talking about Huawei and Huawei Marine's view on the development of the submarine cable industry, Mao said: First of all, submarine cable should be regarded as an important asset. The current surge in network traffic, cloud computing, big data and other higher demands on the submarine cable, the need for more and faster submarine cable network. The construction of submarine cables between different countries needs to work together. Many countries come up with their own strategy to build the ICT Hub. Huawei Marine believes that submarine cables are the foundation of the national digital construction and should be incorporated into the national strategy.

      Second, many changes and evolution are taking place in the submarine cable industry. First, there is a new submarine cable construction mode, open Cable. Second, the Internet as a new investor, or will change the pattern. Third, more and more capital is involved in the construction of submarine cables. These changes require parties to embrace change and promote industrial development.

      Finally, Huawei takes the customer as the center and welcomes the challenges with its partners. In recent years, Huawei has engaged in dialogues with all parties and has achieved certain results. Huawei has established relations with other funds including the Eurasian Fund and the Silk Road Fund to provide technical support for the construction of submarine cables for all parties.

      "Huawei and Huawei Ocean provide comprehensive support to partners and customers," Mao finally said.

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