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      HJ Profile


      HJ Polymer China Co., Ltd(formerly known as Jiangyin Haijiang Polymer Material Co., Ltd established in 2000)is located in Jiangyin city, facing east to Shanghai with very convenient transportation, and only 20 kilometers from the Wuxi freeway entries.

      The company’s Haijiang brand has won its fame both at home and abroad. It is also the preferred product in the cable industry today. The company’s products have been widely used in the fields including electricity & communications, high speed rail, military industry, electronics, marine shipbuilding, etc.

      Through around 20 years of market fluctuation and with the build-up in research, development, and innovation, HJ Polymer China Co., Ltd has experienced development course based on its accumulated strength.

      HJ Polymer will, together with their vast customers, join hands to create the future and contribute to cable industry’s development in China.

      In 2015, the company increased 10 million Yuan investment to build a new factory with area of 45,000 square meters. They have eliminated backward production capacity and introduced full-automatic computer smart controlled reciprocating continuous high density refining, extrusion, production line of power granulation. At the same time, they have invested over 2 million Yuan to establish products R&D center to update and perfect the testing & detection equipment. The company is a high new technology company with the integration of R&D, production, and sales.

      The company is committed to “good material, good moral charater”, which is the best interpretation for their drives in a production of continuous betterment and perfection. “Sharp tools make good work.”, along with cable industry’s updating and development in new products and new technology, the company timely studied cable industry operation requirements and launched over 20 new types of products in succession.

      Their products include: 110KV and above products series, 10KV to 35KV products series, optical cable products series, railway locomotive cable and auto cable new energy auto electricity charging pile cable series products.

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